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Roofing Contractors Serving Carrollton Texas

You probably don’t think about your roof much because most of the time, it just sits there, not doing much of anything except covering the top of your home. At the same time, that is a very important component of any home, as is most of the exterior, from the gutter to the siding to the doors and windows.

We sometimes have to deal with harsh storms in Carrollton, Texas, and that means that the homes we live in, while tough, can need a bit of care and maintenance from time to time. As one of the area’s most experienced professionals, we’re here to explain why it’s a good idea to have us pay a visit.

Is Your Roof Still Doing Its Job?

Maybe you just haven’t really looked at your roof in years. Or maybe a major storm just came through and you noticed water staining your ceiling, meaning that your roof is letting water in, but you don’t yet know how bad the damage is.

We can do roofing repair, roofing replacement or even roofing installation if you’ve got a new home being built and you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a trusted company who offers a 5 year warranty on all installs. Furthermore, all shingle roofs come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!

We Cover The Rest Of The Exterior

The roof keeps water away from your home, but it’s the gutter that actually carries it away and makes sure it doesn’t leak into your basement or other part of your home. You need both your roof and your gutter to work in tandem to create proper water protection and management.

But then there’s the rest of your home exterior as well. We’re experts at handling your roof, your gutter as well as the siding of your home, and even the windows and doors. All of these things make your home beautiful as well as energy efficient, and we can ensure they’re in top condition.

Longstanding History & Legacy

The Lowry name and business is now it’s 4th generation. Over the years, Lowry has been responsible for several large projects, many of which you might even be familiar with! Some of the notable projects we’ve worked on over the years include Disney World, the Miami Orange Bowl, Complex 39 Moon Launch, and many more! You can learn more about our history by checking out our Legacy page.

We’ve Got You Covered

We first started from humble beginnings in 1923 and have carried on the family name, becoming one of the most sought after roofing contractors in Carrollton, Frisco, Plano and many other parts of Texas, thanks to our commitment to quality, and our customer’s satisfaction.

If you want to fix your home, or even add value to your property with a quality upgrade, find out why we’ve been able to generate a 5 star reputation online!. Call us at 469-412-4364, or reach out to us at our website or through e-mail! We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Also serving Frisco, McKinney and Allen, TX from our two North Texas locations.