Anyone that runs a business in Frisco, Texas knows that there’s a lot of hard work involved, especially if you’re conducting your work inside a professional, commercial building. On top of the commute you need to make during the week, there’s all the effort that goes into doing a good job, and making sure employees get paid fair wages, and treated right for the job they do for you.

With all these other things you need to stay on top of, that last thing you want to worry about is how the building itself is holding up. A commercial building should be designed and constructed to last. It should not be another source of concern for a business person or property manager. We make sure it stays that way.

Commercial Considerations

One of the biggest differences between commercial buildings and a typical residential structure is the roof. The smaller size of residences means that the architecture can work to the building’s advantage, with a sloped roof to help control water runoff when rain arrives. However, larger commercial structures rarely have this feature, since it would drive up the cost of the building itself, which is why a flat roof is so common.

Because of this simple architectural change for cost purposes, the nature of roof maintenance for commercial buildings also changes. Water doesn’t run off as easily, snow accumulates in the winter, and even when something does go wrong, the flat nature of the roof makes it very difficult for people to see that damage from the ground. Throw in extra design considerations like skylights, ventilation, sometimes even the placement of air conditioning hardware and things become very complicated for a commercial roofing structure.

We Know What To Do

The team at Lowry are roofing experts for both residential and commercial buildings. We know the ways that rain, hail, snow and wind damage can affect both a home and a business. We understand how important it is for a commercial building to operate as safely and efficiently as possible, because profits, salaries and reputations are on the line. We treat your business like it’s our own.

That’s why when you call us, you get quick, responsive, professional service. We can assess the state of your roof, tell you what kind of issues you may be facing, and give you an accurate assessment of pricing to work out for your financials. Whether you need roofing repair, or some kind of replacement, or installation, we can guide you through every step of the process. When you’ve got a business to run, the roof over your head shouldn’t be getting in the way of that. We make sure it doesn’t.

Responsive Professional Service

Lowry is here for both residential and commercial roofing needs, but we can also work with other exterior aspects. We can repair or install your gutters, siding, windows and can assist you with any fire or water damage restoration projects.

If you have any questions about our services, or would like to talk about getting some work done, you can call us at 469-412-4364.