Frisco Roof Repair

If you own a home in Frisco, Texas, you already know that most homes here are built to last. Unlike some other parts of the country, summers are blazing hot, spring and autumn can bring some serious storms, and when winter comes, we can get the occasional snow.

contractors repairing the roof of a home in Texas

That means that a home in Frisco needs to stand up to all the elements every day of the year, all year. And while most homes do this without complaint, that doesn’t mean that things never go wrong. That’s especially true with a part of the home everyone sees, but never really takes a good look at, the roof.

A Roof At Risk

There are two things that can damage your roof. Time, and storms. Time is something you can’t do anything about. The years will pass, seasons will come and go, and that means constant exposure to different elements and some intense heat at times. A roof, as tough as it is, simply isn’t going to remain in pristine condition forever.

The other element that can harm your roof in much quicker fashion are severe storms. In addition to the winds that can sometimes tear old shingles right off, there is hail, and if is large enough, and traveling fast enough, it can tear or shred through roof shingles, and leave your home vulnerable to future weather if this is left unaddressed.

How We Can Help

At Lowry, you will find seasoned roofer experts. We’ve been at this business since 1923 and have earned a 5 star rating online. We are a team of professionals that understand the demands of Frisco’s environment on the home. We can quickly inspect your roof, assess the age and condition, and tell you what shape you’re in, and what minor problems you may have that can be quickly, affordably taken care of now before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems.

On the other hand, if you need roofers to repair something obvious and large, like storm damage, we can do that too. In addition to repairs, we can help with replacements and even installations if you’re going for something entirely new.

If you want an upgrade to something more modern to get more years out of your home, or you’d just like to add some value to the property for resale, you can count on us to use only high quality products to give your home a new look and even more durability. We can inspect and maintain your roof to keep it working the way it is, or we can repair, replace and install a new roof for you if it’s time to really improve your home.

We’re Here For You

Lowry are roofing experts and a whole lot more. We also help with fire and water damage restoration. In addition, we handle other exterior concerns, like gutters, siding, fencing and windows too. If you’d like to know more, or have any questions about our services, you can call us at 469-412-4364 or use the form found on our website to shoot us an email.