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As a homeowner in McKinney, you’re already enjoying a chunk of the good life, living in one of the greatest countries in the world, and owning your own property. But that doesn’t mean you can rest easy. Between your job, your family and all the things that your home may need to keep running smoothly, you’ve got to pay attention to a lot of different things.

That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that in the middle of all those things keeping you busy, there’s one thing that might have slipped your mind; your roof. Now we’re going to explain why it is that maybe it’s time you started thinking about how your roof is holding up, and what you can do to ensure it keeps protecting you and your home.

It’s Not Indestructible

A roof is built to last, and for many people, this is exactly what a roof will do for many years. Whether you’re running a business, or raising a family, a roof over your head is one of those signs of stability that we’ve all grown up with. But even when a roof is built to give you years—or even decades—of protection, it’s wrong to assume that this is going to last forever. That’s impossible.

McKinney, being in Texas, gets its fair share of bad storms. On occasion, we get the full effect of all 4 seasons which can mean blazing hot summers, storms with driving hail and sometimes even gale force winds, and, in the winter, the expansion and contraction that comes with water turning into ice and back to water again. All of that means that your roof may gradually weather due to natural forces of time and erosion, or may suffer sudden damage from a particularly fierce storm. When something like this happens, that’s when you need expert roofers and that’s who we are.

What We Can Do

Lowry is all about making sure that when you call us, and we get to work, you have a great customer experience from start to finish. We’re professional roofers that can do everything from inspect your roof, to repair anything we find, or even help you with a big replacement or installation job. If you’d like to just get a new roof for a complete upgrade, or to add some value to your property to get it ready for sale we’re here for you.

We understand both your pragmatic homeowner concerns, as well as your financial ones, and have a lot of experience with roof insurance and insurance claims. So not only can we inspect your roof, find small problems, and address them before they turn into bigger ones, we can walk you through the process of what constitutes damage that is covered under an insurance claim, and what is work you might need to pay for yourself. Whatever your roofing issue is, we can cover it and solve it.

We Handle It All

Lowry handles not just your roof, we can deal with your gutter, your siding, fencing and windows. We can even help with any water or fire damage. If you want a roofer in McKinney that can give you a 5 star service, give us a call.

Just reach out to us at 469-412-4364, or shoot us an email via the form on our website.