Most people that own homes don’t really pay much attention to the roof that covers their residence. It’s easy to understand why. A roof is a relatively low maintenance part of the home, with no moving parts. It just sits there, and because it’s so high up, getting a good look at roof’s condition takes a fair amount of effort, especially if you want to do it safely.


But a roof, while durable and tough, isn’t indestructible. Given enough time, or being subjected to a severe weather event, damage to a roof is inevitable. Usually the first thing that is going to be damaged is the topmost layer of the roof, known as the shingle. But what is a shingle, and why is it up there in the first place?

Effective For The Price

A roof is made of many parts. The timbers of wood that make up the rafters frame the shape of the roof. This is then covered with another layer of wood, and then, on top of that, roof sheathing, then an underlayment to cover the whole thing. On top of that underlayment is where shingles go. A shingle is a thin layer of wood, paper, cellulose or some other material that is coated with asphalt. That asphalt layer is then reinforced with ceramic granules.

Roof shingles are laid out in layers over the underlayment to cover the entire roof. While it’s true that there are more expensive, durable alternatives, such as metal roofing options, the cost to produce and install a shingle, combined with the fact that it’s usually viable for several years is what makes the shingle a common, affordable roofing material for homes.

We Can Help With Your Roofing Issues

However, the cost effectiveness of using these materials also means that should enough time pass, with constant exposure to weather, or should a severe storm hit, these traditional shingles are vulnerable. That’s where Lowry comes in. We’re the experts when it comes to roofing repair, replacement and installation, and we know exactly what to do when it comes to shingle roofing in Frisco, Texas.

If you can see visible damage from the ground, such as pockmarked shingles, or even missing shingles, don’t let the situation get worse. If you’re not sure how your shingles are holding up, and would like a professional assessment of how well—or not—your shingles are doing, that’s what we can do for you. We can quickly get up to your roof and take a close look to see the condition of your shingles, check how well your waterproofing is holding up with flashing, or even see the state of your gutter.

We’ll Get It Fixed Fast

Lowry is the Frisco, Texas expert on shingle repair, replacement and installation, but we also work with other aspects of your home’s exterior. We can repair or install gutters, siding, fencing and windows.

If you have shingles you know need help, or want to find out how your shingles are doing, call us at 469-412-4364 today or complete the form located on this website!