For anyone that lives in Frisco, Texas, the weather we experience at times can be a real test for homes. Living in this Texas heat might take a toll on your home over time. What is even worse is an unexpected hail storm that sends stones falling down and pockmarking not just one shingle, but dozens.

Under ordinary circumstances, this kind of damage might call for you or a professional roofer to inspect the aftermath, take an accounting of the exact damage, and then formulate a repair, replacement or installation plan. But for some people, there’s a better alternative, and while it’s not for everyone, for people with long term plans, a metal roof might just be the way to go.

An Investment That Saves Over Time

An ordinary roof consists of layers of material over your house that is then covered on top by shingles. These are usually made of thin “slices” of asphalt that are covered in ceramic granules, giving the shingle its familiar rough, textured appearance. Shingles are designed to be low maintenance, and protect a home for many years. But shingles have some vulnerabilities.

Shingles are soft and flexible. Extreme heat, hail and other environmental factors like water freezing and melting over a winter season can eventually cause shingles to tear, crack or peel off. Metal roofing, however is very different. For one thing, the cost is noticeably higher than the purchase and installation of shingles. However, that higher upfront cost pays for itself over time with lower maintenance, and an immediate bump in property value. There are even associated savings on insurance for homeowners that go with metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Experts

Lowry has extensive experience in helping commercial buildings get the most from long term investments, such as metal roofing. And we can pass those same savings, protection and peace of mind to Frisco, Texas homeowners that want the final word in roofing for their own home. If you plan on living in your home for quite a few more years, a metal roof installation is a great investment.

When you call us and explain your needs, we’re quick to act. We can come to your home, we can inspect your house and your roof, and we can quickly tell you what you have, and what you can expect from a replacement and installation of a metal roof. We use only top quality brand names in materials and we know how to work quickly and efficiently to make sure you get a new roof resistant to hail or other weather elements.

Talk To Us About Your Metal Roof Plans

Lowry is ready to help with your metal roof plans, but we also work with other exterior parts of your home. We can repair or install gutters, siding, fencing and windows.

If you have any questions about our services, or are interested in a consultation, you can call us at 469-412-4364 or simply fill out the form on our website to communicate by email.