It may be one of the most unexpected and unpleasant things that can happen to a homeowner. One day, everything is fine, and then suddenly you feel a drip of water fall on you. When you look up, you discover that it’s coming from the ceiling, but a quick check reveals this isn’t a leaky pipe, this is coming all the way from your roof.

When you have a leaky roof, there can be a lot of different causes for it, but in all cases, the result is the same; water is now getting into your house. That means that the heat your home traps in the winter is leaking out, as is the cool air in the summer. And it means that when it rains, or even worse, happens to snow, that water is spreading into your home and probably hurting your roof even more. So why does this happen?

Seasons & Erosion

Water penetrating your roof has many different causes. One, for example, may be you! If you ever played with a Frisbee in your backyard, had it land on the roof, and you went up there to get it, your own footsteps may have inadvertently damaged something while you were up there. Or maybe that skylight you had installed had sealant improperly applied, and it finally wore away.

Then there are problems that have no roots in human error. Gutters getting clogged with leaves can lead to an overflow. Snow accumulating on a roof can result in damage and ice buildup as radiating heat from an attic melts some snow, and then it re-freezes. Even more common in this area is that the heat has simply taken a toll on your shingles. Or maybe the last major hail storm that passed through the area did a number on your home. Either way, the normal passage of time can do damage all by itself that gets worse with each passing season.

Get A Professional Response

If you want to make sure your roof is ready for anything thrown at it in Frisco, Texas, then don’t take chances. Get a professional roofer to inspect your home, evaluate the situation, and tell you what you’ve got. You may just need a repair, or you may need the replacement or installation of something in order to fix the problem.

But you’re not going to know this until you have someone with the experience and know-how to carefully assess the state of your roof. A leak may require a simple fix to a cracked chimney, or it may be a sign that there’s some structural degradation that’s been neglected for too long, and comprehensive fix is required. With something as important to your life, and tied to your personal finances as your home, you shouldn’t take any chances. Get professionals to fix it properly.

You Can Count On Us

At Lowry, we are roofing experts but can handle other aspects of your home. We offer both fire and water damage repair services. We can also help with other outdoor components, like gutters, siding, fencing and windows.

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