Spring is a mixed blessing for residents of Frisco, Texas. Of course, everyone is happy to see the temperature warm up with summer right around the corner, and plants start greening and growing out of the soil. On the other hand, spring generally means storm season. This area is no stranger to storms that bring in hail and even tornadoes.

When we get this kind of severe weather, we retreat to the safety of our homes, which are built to withstand these forces. But what about afterwards? That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Tough, But Not Permanent

A roof is built to last for many years, and it’s also designed to be pretty low maintenance for a homeowner. Once the last shingle is in place, most homeowners won’t even have to worry about maintaining a roof for many years. But when extraordinary circumstances occur, like the severe storms that Frisco, Texas is prone to, that’s when it’s time to be more prudent.

A big storm can damage your roof in different ways. The most obvious is strong winds literally tearing shingles off, exposing the layers underneath to the elements, and eventually leading to leaks in your home. Another problem is when the winds lift shingles away from the roof.

Now there’s a space where water can get in, and in the winter if it happens to get cold enough, that water freezes to ice, expanding and causing more damage. And finally, there’s hail, which can hit large areas of your roof, pock marking shingles and opening the way to more damage in the future.

Time For The Pros

If you can easily see damage on your roof from the ground, it’s time to take action, and that’s where we come in. Lowry has professional roofers that can complete small repairs, but can easily undertake larger tasks like replacement or even installation. We have years of experience helping people restore their roof for more years of protection.

A call to us means we’ll quickly and efficiently assess what kind of roofing situation you have. We’ll take a look at the damage ourselves, up close, and explain to you exactly what you’ve got, what your options are, and how much it is likely to cost based on your preferences. We can even add more value to the property of your home if the damage is extensive enough that you want a full upgrade. We only use the best in quality materials, making your roof better than it was before.

Ready To Help

Lowry is here for your roof after a bad storm, but we can also help with the rest of your home’s exterior. We can repair or install your gutters, siding, fencing and windows.

If you have any questions about our services, or want to book a consultation you can call us at 469-412-4364 or fill out the form on our website.