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Life in Plano can keep you pretty busy. Between juggling your job, your family and friends, there’s all the day-to-day obligations of being a homeowner. Paying utility bills, making sure things in the house are in working order, and of course, delegating decisions like repairs for something like plumbing, or home improvement, like maybe remodeling the kitchen.

In the middle of all these concerns, there’s often one important part of your home that gets lost in all the chaos, and that’s your roof. The roof is not exactly the sexiest part of your home, and in most cases, it’s not even a part that you or anyone else will even see, like the kitchen or the living room. That’s why we’d like you to ask yourself an important question. Do you know how well your roof is actually holding up?

The March Of Time

Maybe you moved into your current home and got a quick inspection that confirmed that everything, including the roof, was in good working order. Or, maybe you’ve just never even looked up and wondered what was up there and how well it was doing its job. In either case, even if your roof hasn’t given you any notable trouble, there’s still something you’re not accounting for, and that’s time.

Hail storms in Plano, Texas, when they pass through, can be brutal and unforgiving. A roof gets the full brunt of the outside elements every day of every year, with no break. That means blazing sun, rain, hail, and, with the change of seasons, water turning into ice, and then melting back into water. Your roof might need to be inspected, and get some roofing repair or even roofing replacement done, and you don’t even know it.

Storm Damage

Beyond the more subtle damage that you may not even know you have, there’s the big stuff, where you immediately know something is wrong. Bad storms are no stranger to Plano, and every once in awhile, we get some severe weather conditions that bring not just strong winds and a lot of rain, but even damaging hail falling at high speed.

All of this can lead to some serious damage, and when you come out of your home in the aftermath of a storm and look up, you can immediately tell something is wrong. If you see that your roof has lost shingles, or the remaining shingles aren’t looking so good, you definitely want a roofing inspection and repair. Left unattended, this kind of damage is going to have a severe impact on your comfort—and your heating bills—when winter arrives.

We Handle It All

Here at Lowry, we can help you with any roof repairs that are needed. In addition, we can also help you with gutters, windows, fencing and even water/fire damage done to your home.

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